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The StraightAway swing aid is the best tool for grooving a perfect tour takeaway. 

Dozens of players of every skill level using the StraightAway have been amazed at the improvement in their ball striking and consistency, after just a few minutes.


Fixes the biggest problem in the golf swing - the takeaway.

  • Clips onto any club in seconds

  • Make practice swings or hit balls with it

  • Works for right and left-handed golfers

  • Instant feedback for long-term improvement




Features & Benefits

The StraightAway swing aid teaches you how to make the perfect TOUR takeaway every time.

It's the SECRET to consistent golf.


✅ Fixes the root cause of most swing faults - the takeaway

✅ Clips onto any club in seconds

✅ Hit balls or make practice swings using the StraightAway

✅ Provides instant feedback as to whether you are in the TOUR takeaway position

✅ Gets the hands and club head on track right from the start

✅ Synchronizes your arms and body - creating good swing tempo

✅ Eliminates the need to compensate for a poor takeaway later on in the swing

✅ Keeps technical swing thoughts to a minimum

✅ Improves your chipping and pitching

✅ Fits in a small carry pouch for easy storage in your golf bag


"The StraightAway will really improve the quality of golf amongst the masses."


-David Leadbetter

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  • What does the StraightAway actually do?
    The StraightAway is a self-help tool that fixes your takeaway – the number one problem in golf leading to so many other faults and inconsistency. Clip it on your club and you will understand the track that the clubhead and the hands travel on right from the start to create a perfect Tour Takeaway and a simple repeating swing. The benefits are many, including swinging the club back on the correct path, getting your body synced up with your arms, and creating the ideal tempo. By practicing with the StraightAway, just by making swings at home or hitting balls on the range you will understand in a matter of minutes of how to produce a consistent swing. We have included some enhancement drills so you can really benefit from the StraightAway.
  • Why is the takeaway so important?
    It is the first link in the chain. If it is wrong, you are compensating from thereon in. It’s basically the one common move that the pros make regardless of how the rest of their swing looks – the hands appear in the club head appears out.
  • Does the Straight Away work for beginner, intermediate, or experienced golfers?
    Yes, the StraightAway works equally well for players of all levels, no matter your skill level or handicap. As I’ve said, it’s the ONE MOVE that amateurs should copy from the pros. This is because players of every level benefit from dialing in a Tour Takeaway, starting the swing ON TRACK... which ensures you finish the swing on track and make consistently flush contact. It’s not a complicated move, it doesn’t require pro-level timing, hand-eye coordination, balance, or strength. However, the difference between a perfect takeaway and a flawed one can be subtle. The beauty of the StraightAway is that it helps players of all levels fix this automatically, regardless of their skill level. Because It gives you instant visual feedback… whether you’re doing it right or wrong.
  • I’m an older golfer and have lost strength and flexibility. Can the StraightAway help me get back some distance?
    You bet it can! The StraightAway synchronizes your arms, hands and shoulders with your hips – right from the start. If you currently struggle to make a full turn, or to sync up your upper and lower bodies, the StraightAway will improve your rotation and boost your distance. OK, I hope I’ve convinced you that the StraightAway Swing Trainer is just what you need to get your game on track.
  • Instead of buying the StraightAway, wouldn’t I be better off investing in lessons?
    Having taught this game for nearly 50 years, it pains me to say this but… no. Don’t get me wrong. Paying for lessons is never a bad thing. But using the StraightAway is guaranteed to improve your game – and you can use it any time, practically anywhere, without even hitting balls. One more thing: The StraightAway costs about the same as an hour with a good coach. And I’m pretty sure that over time, you’ll get more value from the StraightAway.
  • Does the clubhead move straight back?
    It may “feel” that way, especially if you have been whipping it inside. In fact the clubhead should move a little inside the target line, the hands move slightly inward, but the key is that the clubhead remains outside the line of the hands.
  • Is the club face closed going back?
    Players who roll the club inside and open the clubface it may well “feel” that way.
  • Will the StraightAway cure my over-the-top slice?
    When you think that to cure a slice you have to fix the outside in swing with an open face. If you take the club back exaggeratedly inside on the backswing then naturally you will swing out to in on the downswing. The StraightAway will get you swinging the club back on a proper plane with a square clubface, that will allow you to drop the club on the inside coming down, thus producing inside out swing and encouraging a draw.
  • How will the StraightAway fix my sway or reverse pivot?
    Good question – most times poor body motion is caused as a result of the hands and arms taking the club away and dominating the backswing. Working on a simple pivot drill that is provided, combined with starting the backswing correctly using the StraightAway will fix most problems associated with the body motion (hip and shoulder).
  • Will the StraightAway improve my distance?
    By using the StraightAway it will make your swing more efficient by synchronizing the arms and the body, eliminating any looseness or coil in the backswing and get you hitting the ball out of the middle of the clubface – a key factor in distance. In our testing we have seen a huge improvement in consistency and the quality of iron play.
  • Will the StraightAway improve my tempo?
    Without a doubt, once you start your swing back with your bellybutton and your hands and arms are tied into that move, your tempo will improve. Players who snatch the club back or jerk the club down from the top is because the hands and arms are too involved. Get the club into the correct takeaway position which is where the yellow StraightAway arrow points at 9 o’clock, your swing tempo will be correct – neither too quick or too slow.
  • Does the StraightAway work for every club?
    The StraightAway works with every club from the driver to a chipping club. The hands in clubhead out concept, the theory that the pros adhere to and amateurs don’t holds true for every club. The very short shot is just a mini version of the full swing.
  • I’m a good player who gets the club stuck behind me coming into impact – my divots look out to the right and I hit pushes and hooks, can the StraightAway help me?
    Getting the image more in front of you coming into impact is what is required. The StraightAway will give you the perfect picture.
  • My pro tells me I chicken wing at impact, will the StraightAway fix it?
    Apart from the start, most poor moves and positions that occur in the swing are the effect and not the cause. If you get to the cause of the problem, then the effect will likely be cured. The chicken wing is no exception, rolling the club inside going back creating a steep outside in path coming down creates the problem. Get off to a good start and it will fix the chicken wing and many other problems we see in the swing.
  • How often should I use the StraightAway?
    As often as you like to make sure you don’t get off track and your tour takeaway becomes instinctive. Make practice swings at home, hit balls on the range with any club. Before you know it you will have your takeaway in a solid groove and then it’s just a case of checking it periodically.
  • Is the StraightAway good for everybody?
    Absolutely, for most golfers the takeaway is singularly the biggest fault in their swings. The StraightAway will help you understand exactly what you have to do. It’s good for beginners, men, women, seniors, juniors, even top players who have trouble with their first move or want to confirm what they are doing is right.
  • Will my swing feel different using the StraightAway?
    If your takeaway has been incorrect then it will definitely feel different. A solid setup and good takeaway is fundamental to a good swing. If you follow simple guidelines, even if it feels different you will know it’s correct and through repetition and hitting good shots your new feels will start to become natural.
  • What do I do once I get to the 9 o’clock Tour Takeaway position?
    Once you get to 9 o'clock, which is less than a foot with top or butt end of the club and a maximum of 3 feet with the club head, simply allow your wrist to cock and keep your body rotating to the top and then unwind your body to the finish. Keeping the feeling of the clubhead in and hands out is a great feeling to the top even beyond the 9 o’clock position.
  • Is the StraightAway just another gimmick or quick fix you often see advertised to get gullible golfers to improve their game?
    I have always prided myself on teaching solid fundamentals to improve a golfers game. The correct start to me is one of those fundamentals that make a huge difference to a golfer’s consistency. I have brought out a number of swing aids and developed many drills over the years in order to help golfers get a feel for the proper mechanics, so they can do it not only in practice but on the golf course as well. Over thinking is a huge problem for many golfers, and apart from the start which is easy to focus on there is not a lot of thinking necessary. By using the StraightAway you get an understanding for the takeaway, a mental picture of it and a feel for it, and with a few reps you will have it down. The StraightAway is so simple, I just do not know why I did not think of it before! I think it is going to be a real game changer for thousands.
  • My friends say I sway and reverse pivot, how will the StraightAway fix it?
    Included with the StraightAway instructions are bonus drills on how to get your posture right and how to move your body correctly. Incorporate them with the StraightAway and you will fix your problems.
  • Will the StraightAway fix my overswing and casting from the top?
    It certainly will as long as you have a good grip, and as a bit of bonus instruction I will show you the correct way to grip the club. With a good grip and a perfect start, your overswing and casting will disappear.
  • How do I know if I have a problem with my takeaway?
    A couple of ways to check if you have a takeaway problem, you can get someone to film you on your phone, if you see the club head is behind your hands early in the backswing then you have the problem. Also, refer to our takeaway problem tab to see the basic eight takeaway faults that golfers commit. Compare your takeaway to the correct one described in the tab. The second way is by clipping the StraightAway on your club and getting into the Tour Takeaway position. Hit a few balls starting from this position, it may take a few shots to get used to but if you start hitting your shots consistently you know that your takeaway was the problem.
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